Thursday, April 14, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog!  I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but there are times it is nice to put my thoughts down. 
Just like the name of my blog my family is learning how to daily live by faith in Jesus Christ.  My deepest desire is to live a life completely surrendered to the Lord. 
My husband Nick and I have been married for almost ten years; through the years we have seen the Lord guide our steps.  From the church where we are serving at, to the home we live in, we have seen the Lord's hand guide us every step of the way.  This year we embarked on a brand new journey as my husband left the job as full-time youth/assistant pastor of our church to train to be a chaplain in the United States Navy.  This journey has given us a new understanding of the concept of walking by faith and not by sight.  We are trusting the Lord to provide for our needs as Nick is now a full time student and we are living off savings.
We have three children that are a wonderful blessing from the Lord.  Each one is a joy and a challenge to raise and train in the Lord.  Our two oldest children have accepted Christ as their Savior, and we are praying that as our youngest grows older that he too will come to have personal relationship with the Lord.

Part of the reason that I have started this blog is because of a topic that Nick and I have been discussing recently.  One of my friends posted some thoughts about discipline and that got us talking. I have a degree in early childhood education, so part of my course work was reading many books about disciplining/raising children.  After my children were born I was given a few books on the same topic.  As I think about the books I have read, I have realized that while many of those books have some great ideas about how to raise/train/discipline a child something is missing.   Many Christian authors claim that the Bible is the source of their ideas, but the extent of the Bible in their work is a couple Bible verses sprinkled here and there.  When you check the bibliography most of their ideas/philosophies come from man not God, or the author has chosen one specific attribute of God and used it as the basis for a philosophy of discipline.

Why not have a book on discipline start with an intensive study of the best example of a parent: the Lord? Instead of reading books written by men with a myriad of different ideas and philosophies, why not go to the ultimate source of wisdom and study that first.  Often I have heard the statement about discipline books "take the good, leave the bad."  Why not go to the source that never requires that philosophy; there is nothing "bad" in the Bible.

After having numerous discussions with Nick about it, he challenged me to do my own study of the Lord as a father; studying His relationship with His children, how He disciplined them, how He taught them, and how He trained them.  The only prerequisite is that the relationships studied must involve His relationship with His children, not the wicked (i.e. David not Jezebel).  As I study how the Lord deals with His children, my prayer is that my life will be changed in how I deal with my children to reflect the Lord.

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  1. Karen, I love this idea. Being a parent, and raising a child up in this world can only be done be the lead and guidance of the Lord! Thank you for being such great role models for young parents today.