Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Lord is Good

This past January when Nick left his job at church it was a terrifying time.  We had a bit of money in the bank, we had figured out how long we could survive with out an income, and it was very clear that we would have to learn how to trust the Lord.

Through the past seven months we have seen the Lord's faithfulness.  We are still able to pay for our groceries with cash, we still have money in the bank several months past the point that we thought it would be gone, all our bills have been paid on time, and the only new debt we have incurred is Nick's schooling.   All those things have not happened because of anything we have done, but because the Lord has been faithful to us.  In January, I told Nick that it seemed like a huge storm as brewing in the distance and that thought of it was overwhelming.  It's almost the middle of August and that storm still hasn't shown up!

We so often want to be in control of our situation; we try everything possible to try to get the results that we want.  We struggle and worry, all the while forgetting that our future is not in our hands.  The Lord is the one guiding and directing our steps.  If we just walk one day at a time trusting Him, those things that seem so overwhelming suddenly are not.

The Matthew 6:25-34 suddenly has a whole new meaning.  It is no longer something that you have just read and heard sermons on, it is a way of living that is not always easy, but it is full of blessing!

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